The big idea

“One aspires to conquests made by ideas and values, not nations.”                         Christopher Hitchens

British politics seems bereft of ideas and values and bogged down in cynicism and petty tribal feuding.  Ordinary people are sick of it, keen to use their votes, but despairing of finding a party they can be enthusiastic about voting for.

Our current representative system was designed when the primary sources of communication between people were letters carried by messengers on horseback.  It’s been kept at that suffocating and stultifying level because the political elite have found ways to take advantage of that.

Something has to change.

So let’s start a new and genuinely democratic party using the internet, with an always live caucus that is the party website, where every member has equal voting rights and equal opportunity to contribute their ideas.

The party’s policies should derive from the caucus – the good ideas rising by being approved of.  Only one requirement for membership – that members should be democrats.

Why start a new party?   Because it will be much quicker to start a new one than it would be to reform the old ones.  And to allow ordinary people to engage with politics as much or as little as they wanted, without having to conform to schedules of meetings and conferences, which exclude more than they include by time and location.

Direct democracy via the internet will be the future, but the main parties aren’t interested in the idea.  One only has to look at the the woeful web-sites of our current parties to understand how little interest their leaderships take in the opinions of their memberships –   Indeed, the members are the last people whose opinions might be sought – they are generally taken for granted, which is perhaps why membership of political parties in Britain is at an all time low.

But there is no such thing as not being involved in politics – not doing anything is a political act.   Parties should be composed of people, and everyone in a truly democratic party should have an equal voice.  Participation via the net makes this possible.

A genuinely democratic party for Britain.

It’s shameful that we don’t already have one.

That fact that we don’t makes the building of one a necessity.

So we say to all those who have justified protest in their hearts , all those who hope for change:

“Change is wrought not by fighting the old, 

but by focusing your energy on building the new.”

Dan Millman, from “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”