How the party web-site and caucus will look and feel

The home page will be a simple white-space, perhaps with a calender history item similar to Google’s, and three boxes:

I’m a member and I want to sign in

I’m not a member and I’d like to look around

I’d like to join

If you’re a member you’ll have a posting name and some kind of biography that everyone can read, and a home page which tells you what’s going on in the areas of debate and policy that you’re interested in.  You’ll be notified of all issues that are actually to be voted on in the days and weeks to come.  The sign-in process will probably require you to prove that you’re human, as well as that you’re who you say you are via a password.

Non members will be able only to view the debates and view a page where the up-coming votes are posted.

People joining will have to prove somehow that they are a British citizen who is, or one day will be, eligible to vote in British elections.   And they’ll have to be 12 or over.   Does that sound too young?  Well,  we’re building for the future.

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