Personality Politics

Our politics is hobbled by the cult of the personality.  It’s always a distraction from the issues, and yet this is one of the major issues.  In our current political landscape, ideas become secondary to the details of a politician’s lifestyle choices.  There have probably been more column inches dedicated to which side of his head David Cameron parts his hair than on what he believes to be right.

It’s been said that if voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.  But the “they” in that sentence is really all of us.  We put up with big business having disproportionate power over our politicians via donations and sponsorship.  It hardly registers on our radar. Not surprising when you consider that the radar department is run by the same people.  The press have no interest in exposing as manipulative and dangerously short-sighted the agendas of the big business people who pay for the ads in their papers.

We’ve evolved our political landscape into a kind of corporate Disneyland where the politicians are happy for the work of wearing the character costumes.  What difference does it make who’s Prime Minister or Chancellor of the Exchequer when they are taking notes on what they should be doing from lobbyists, newspaper editors and proprietors?  Who cares who wears the Mickey costume?  Who-ever’s inside, he’ll dance like Mickey’s meant to or be fired.

We can end this.  The levers of power are right there to be operated.  All we have to do is recognise that our political parties have become unfit for purpose, and start a new one with a properly democratic constitution.  Decent politicians, of whom there are many, will be delighted.  They will be able to resign their dysfunctional dinosaur parties and join a party where their ideas are the things they are judged on.

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