The Russell Brand Moment

Russell Brand has ruffled a few feathers, but those who are keen to dismiss him complain that he has no ideas about how to fix the problems he’s articulated so beautifully.

But he doesn’t need to.  Russell Brand is the modern day equivalent of the boy watching the parade as the king passes by wearing his new suit of clothes.  All the boy has to do is to call out in a loud and clear voice “The king is in the altogether!”, and that grants the crowd a moment of clarity.  It is not necessary, thereafter, for Russell to provide the king with alternate fashion tips.  His genius has been simply to say out loud what many people have been thinking for so long. There’s a unplanned flip-side to that genius too, in that Russell’s ranting is about criticism of all politics.  Were he to be passionate and brilliantly articulate about a particular party, they wouldn’t allocate him so much air-time to espouse his views unopposed.  The rules of the “democratic media” are that if someone has one idea then they can come on the air and be presented with someone to argue with whose views are diametrically opposed.  This happens even if only a tiny minority of people hold one view, and everyone else has an opposite view, which leads to the media putting about the idea that the arguments have an equal validity.)  As Russell is opposed to “the system”, he has to have new rules invented for him, and it’s been decreed that the TV journalist is enough opposition in his case.

Were Russell suddenly to be enthused for a particular party, he’d plummet from sight as an individual voice, be treated just like any other politician, and only be allowed his proper “share” of air-time.

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