The Marketplace of ideas

Just a quick note on the nature of campaigning.

It’s futile challenging those opposed to your ideas to debates and imagining that winning that debate helps your cause.  Right wing and authoritarian types aren’t convinced by arguments anyway.

The effective way to campaign is to draw those nearest to you in opinion but who are essentially unpoliticised and inactive into being more engaged.  Most easy going folk aren’t interested in politics all that much, and that’s what gives the right far more power than they ever deserve to have.  The old “for evil to prosper it is only necessary for good men to do nothing” trope, modified somewhat.

Of course the authoritarian right are obsessed with winning.  And they know how to win too – which is why they spend all their time and energy politicising those they see as being their near allies, using papers like the Daily Mail and The Express.

Far more effective tactics than the left use.  All that trying to get the authoritarian right to see reason – waste of time.  If you want to win, gather your nearest and most agreeable friends to your cause and get them more motivated.