What’s the next step?

We need to design and build the web-site that will be the Party’s Caucus, and it needs to be done properly, which won’t be cheap. So we’re looking for funding to get things right from the moment we launch.  So if you are wealthy, or know anyone interested in building a truly modern democratic party, please, get in touch!  We need around 10k to get started.

7 thoughts on “What’s the next step?

  1. You caught my interest, although you obviously aim your appestiser at the young. I think that you are missing out on a many like me (63 years old), who really want to dump the current crop of politicians, but have no real alternative. I am searching for people who know right from wrong and are willing to follow a code that endorses that for all rather than just a select few.

    • I agree. My interest was piqued reading through the website, I perceive the emphasis on who should join as being ‘the young’, with the rest of the people seeming to be an after-thought. I found this to be a bit of a turn off as I’m 60 years old, and have different concerns than a 25 year old.
      There are a lot of aged and vulnerable people in UK society and I feel that they should be represented too, their voices should be heard. I’m not sure I want to be part of a political party with an agenda set by young internet savvy twenty somethings.
      I am tired of UK politicians, I am tired of the lack of democracy, and I am concerned about the power of corporations (I worked in corporate America for 30 years and know exactly how amoral and uncaring the pursuit of profit is), but I’m not sure i-dems is the party for me.
      I do wish you good luck with your quest for change in the political arena.

      • Well, the idea is that everyone who joins the party forms a part of it. And part of the idea is also to engage the disengaged and cynical, and young people are exactly that – they think politics is not for them. The key idea is to make the whole thing always accountable to the membership, and for the membership always to be consulted. No meetings only the keen can make it to. No annual conference. Just a big, inclusive conversation, where ideas can bubble up from the crowd if they’re great. It’s certainly not going to be designed so that only the tech savvy can use it. Quite the opposite. The model is google – plain, simple, elegant, unfussy, and user-oriented.

  2. Caring about the young is vitally important because they are our future, hence caring for those who are older and, hopefully wiser, is equally important, because they need to pass on their knowledge in order to create a future that is mutually beneficial.
    Being optimistic requires some encouragement, especially in relation to politics, because for too long we have all received too many hollow promises. However, that does not prevent us from hoping that someone else shares our hopes for a better future and, can imagine a way in which it might be achieved.

  3. Well I got here because Unlock Democracy screwed up and sent to a list as cc rather than bcc.
    So everyone on that list (Modern Magna Carta Survey responders?) got to know about all other responders e-Mail addresses. One of those named “Sam” thought it appropriate to tell all the others about this site/project (at least that’s what I suppose). I am one of the others. So here I am. I’m an old (in years but not ideas) “always voted Conservative”, white male. I’m increasingly cross about inequality and privacy/surveillance and frustrated about not seeing a way to address these. I use orgs like Unlock Democracy, 38 Degrees, Open Rights Group and Access Express to badger my local MP on stuff. He’s a Tory, always responds to my psychotic rants with embellished party line glibbery and is a thoroughly nice man. That’s OK but it’s not enough.
    So what do you want me to do next I-dems?

    John Heaver

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