Anyone who believes democracy to be a good thing

Who should join us?

Anyone who believes that democracy is a great idea.

But let’s be a bit more rigorous about the definition of the word, because it’s often used as a worthless “hooray” word.  It’s never a chore for a politician to claim “The people have spoken!” just after they’ve been voted in.  What matters is that they respect the ideals of democracy when they lose.

Democracy is government by the people, where the common people are considered to be the primary source of political power.

Democracy isn’t just rule by the majority – a democratic government must respect and protect the rights of the individual, whether they agree with the majority or not.  A democratic government must protect freedom of speech and the ideal of an open society.

Democracy must never be allowed to become “two foxes and a chicken voting on what should be eaten for dinner”.  Time for a Winston Churchill quote – ”It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

So if you can agree to these basic principles of democracy, you’re welcome.  Whatever your politics beyond that, bring your case and seek to promote it to the point where it becomes party policy.   The key policy will be that everyone has an equal say, all the time, , avoiding the syndrome where the most fervent enthusiasts and higher echelons conspire to appropriate all the power.     If you want your ideas adopted by the party, they’ll have to find find their way to the top of the agenda by popular consent after an honest and open debate.  You’ll have to win the argument.  Every time.  If you like that idea, and you’d like to help make it work, join us.

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