Anyone who’s proud of our Great British Institutions…

…and doesn’t want to see them sold off in some mad garage sale for peanuts.

The same lobbyists who are constantly working to guide government policy to their advantage are seeking on behalf of the massive corporate interests they represent to have control of everything.  They’ve just been sold the Royal Mail at knock-down prices and made vast profits from its undervaluation.  They want the National Health Service privatised. They’re hungry to own everything, and our current political system, with its greed for short-term cash to fund short lived tax cuts, is vulnerable to the temptation to sell everything off.

The BBC in particular is in desperate danger – a great British institution that has few friends on the political extremes that we currently find ourselves bouncing between.  There is tremendous pressure to gift the BBC’s “market share” of broadcasting to the right wing propagandists of the world.   Another in a long line of British things that we own, and can be proud of, being sold into private hands for far less than it’s worth.

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