Anyone passionate about a political issue who thinks their argument can win people around, especially if it’s something they know the main parties are too cautious to address as a result of their fear of negative stories in the mainstream press.

Too many issues get that awful, pious “I think this calls for a national debate” from our politicians, when what they really mean is “That issue’s a can of worms and we’re never going to address it or do anything about it.  There’s no political advantage in it for us.  We’re just going to kick it down the road.”

This party is not going to photoshop its image.  It’s going to address the difficult issues.

If you’re a campaigner, join us and win your case.

And consider this rather disturbing epigram:

Protest is a sign of weakness. Real power is unseen.

Does it ever occur to you that trudging the streets and getting truncheoned, water cannoned and kettled is in any way helping your cause?  Maybe a party that has to address the issues you want to highlight and remedy as a result of its constitution is where you should be making your efforts felt?  Real power comes with elected representatives enacting law in Parliament.  Pressure is one thing.  Real power is entirely another.


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