Moderate Conservative voters who genuinely believe that “Hard working people” should “get on”.

Here’s some news just in for you – “hard working people” do “get on”, but they don’t really get much help from the Tory party.  There’s a difference between the ideals of the free market and the ideals inherent in the approval of someone who has a good work ethic.

And if you’ve previously been taken in by all that “free market” clap-trap, you should read more.  There’s an excellent book called “23 things they don’t tell you about capitalism” that you really should read.

The “free market” sounds good and makes delightful sense, but no markets are truly free unless they are illegal, when it immediately becomes apparent just how bad people can be.

All markets are regulated by governments, and the players in the market like it that way.

And the players in any “free market” are all aiming for one ideal – to monopolise it.

And once they do, they’ll do everything they can to destroy any fair competition they’ll encounter.

If you’re a thinking Conservative who values a good work ethic and thinks people deserve appropriate rewards for hard word, you belong with us, not with the Tories.


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