The 1%


The 1% should join the party of the people?

You should – because you’re people.  The 5% of you that have actually made your money rather than inherited it are probably looking for ways to give some of it back, because as smart people you realise that you’ve been incredibly fortunate.

The other 95% of you really need to appreciate that you’re caught in the swirl of a dysfunctional society just as much as a ten year old child labourer in some dreadful third world backwater is.   If you imagine you deserve to be millions of times more wealthy than an ordinary person, then you need a million times more denial than an ordinary person to shore up your delusion.  And denial is terribly destructive to the human spirit.

You should join us, get involved in the debates and see just how far your perspective gets you.    For the sake of your own survival you need to understand that you’re fortunate to be born at the lucky end of a system that tilts the table toward you.  Money comes to money, and year on year you get more and more wealthy.  And the poor get poorer and poorer.  This is your problem just as much as it is theirs, because a system that keeps working like that will one day reach a tipping point where the less well off rebel, and society is thrown into chaos.  It’s the old “let them eat cake” moment.  And after that, things won’t be going so well for you and yours.

If you’re smart you’ll try and do something to manage the situation, because the longer the system stays dysfunctional, the more likely you are to find yourself on the wrong end of that tipping point.

You should help us try and put things right.  It’s in your long term interests.  And it might help you feel a little bit more human, too.

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